1. photographyfox:

    Redoing some oldies

    Fall, 2013

  2. Eruption


  3. Spirits Series


  4. Drifting Series


  5. Concept art for Mary Poppins

    My favorite live-action Disney film. Fun fact about this film is that the scene with the tap-dancing penguins was one of the first times the film industry had added “VFX,” or special effects integration with footage. The creativity behind this film and the execution of the final image as a whole added to its level of technical ingenuity. To that note, concept art and storyboards, though created as a form of drafting a visual idea for film, always seem to mirror the final image in light and mood. These listed above are no exception, and the expression found in them is brilliant.

    (Source: mickeyandcompany, via theausterevolunteer)

  6. National Batman League

    I did this just cause caped-crusader-ing and masked vigilante-ing needs its own official sport.

    I made the design reminiscent of company logos such as the NFL, NHL and such. The idea is the silhouette resembling the so-called player of the sport. Because every person in their right mind would show up in a Batsuit to practice.

    "It’s the sport Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now."


  7. Lost In Peace


  8. Splish Splash

    pastel in sketchbook


  9. New charcoal drawing


  10. The Words I Said Instead

    My notebook sits like a weight in my palm

    Fingers tremble, as I try to clutch onto words

    But the fragments of phrases get poured into a vast tank

    As little sputters and splatters of ink drift down into murmurs

    And soon enough the tank is a swamp of loose letters and bad taste

  11. Poster for the book series. This one’s for a friend of mine.

    Enjoy an okay-ish digital illustration.

  12. Forewarning


  13. Sam’s World - TRAILER

    Even in our darkest moments, we find our own light.

    "Sam’s World" tells the story of a girl with an addiction to self-harm, and the way she falsely perceives a way out of her suffering, through entering her own mind into an alternate world.

    Starring Miranda Kaplan, Bill McAllen, and Sarah Achenbach.

    Coming Fall 2014

  14. I Want It Now

    Portrait of a little kid


  15. photographyfox:

    Black and white of that last cliff walk photo. Click through for  kind of high res

    Summer, 2014