1. Bob Kane’s “Bat-Man” turns 75 this year, and oh, what a long, captivating *k*night its been so far!

    Celebrate this year as several major B-Man-related event take place -

     - APRIL 9th - A new special edition comic book release commemorating the Caped Crusader’s first appearance in 1939, is released. It is called “Batman: Eternal”.

     - APRIL ____(DATE NOT YET RELEASED) - Two new animated shorts will be released by Bruce Timm, producer of the ‘66 “Batman: The Animated Series”.

     - JULY 23rd - “Official Batman Day”

     - OCTOBER 14th - “Batman: Arkham Knight” gets released as the finale to the Arkham videogame franchise.

     - DATE NOT YET RELEASED) - “Gotham” will air on FOX Television, as DC’s first live-action Batman TV show, telling the story of a young Jim Gordon working for the Gotham police force in a city without Batman.

     - DATE NOT YET RELEASED) - Zack Snyder begins production on the “Batman Vs. Superman” film and Ben Affleck’s bat-suit will be revealed.

    This will be one heck-of-a year for Batman-fans.

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